Progress on the mill!

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  • December 03, 2011


After several months hiatus (due to every spare minute being spent on my web startup), I spent a couple of hours tonight mounting the mill to the stand, upgrading the spindle to 4000 rpm, and mounting the control cabinet.
It’s going to be a ripper!

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  • Andrew says:

    How long’s it going to be until its finished you reckon?

  • Luis says:

    Hi Adam, I see you haven’t posted about the X3 conversion for a while, I am just interested in knowing if you finished building it and if what worth it? I am about to purchase a X3 with a Promica conversion, all ready to go, and I would like to here from actual owners of X3s with Promica, basically pros and cons after the build and how it performs during operation. Any info is greatly appreciated.

    • Adam Ellison says:

      Hi Luis,
      The mill is finished, but I’m afraid it hasn’t seen the use I initially anticipated. I’ll hopefully be using it more over the next few months so I can give you some more info about pros and cons then.
      If you’re in Melbourne you could drop in and have a look?

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