Introducing the BEER ROBOT

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  • April 22, 2013

Aside from my work at IndexMedia, I have the occasional opportunity to indulge in some mechanical and mechatronic design projects. This particularly delicious project arose from a conversation over a beverage late one weeknight that went something like this:

“How hard do you reckon it would it be to build an automated coolroom for delivering cold cartons of beer?”

Me: “couldn’t be that hard, surely!”

“excellent, let’s build a miniature demonstration version to demonstrate the concept”

Me: “Sure let’s do it!”

Me the next day: “oh crap, what have I agreed to do!”

Anyway, 3 months later, here’s the design I came up with.


Retention mechanism

After weeks of painstaking research on ebay and hobby forums, I began to order the components. What you see below are the RC hobby sail winch servo’s, the Spectra fibre control line and the Pololu USB-servo control board.

2012-10-30 07.53.51

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