Accelerating Change?

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  • October 13, 2010

There are several views out there regarding the concept of accelerating change. The most pressing question for futurists and entrepreneaurs is accelerating towards what? Some suggest the only answer (looking at the trends so far) is that we are headed toward a singularity of some kind. The primary problem with this argument is that is based soley on past trends, whereas the future is by definition, unpredictable. A game changer (like an environmentally triggered social change toward technogical regression for example) could break this model at any time.

Fifteen views of evolution: When plotted on a logarithmic graph, 15 separate lists of key events in history and prehistory show an exponential trend

The graph above represents 15 abstract measures of change, plotted on a logarithmic graph. If this can be considered an accurate and reliable measure of the rate of change in society, then perhaps the key message to take away is that an entrepreneur or company who thrives amongst significant change with be well placed for the coming exciting years!

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