The Slider Mechanism

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Here is the first test of the slider mechanism. This stainless steel assembly was hand fabricated and uses two hidden control strings to make sure that the support tongue stays in the centre of the travel. Enjoy!

Introducing the BEER ROBOT

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Aside from my work at IndexMedia, I have the occasional opportunity to indulge in some mechanical and mechatronic design projects. This particularly delicious project arose from a conversation over a beverage late one weeknight that went something like this:

“How hard do you reckon it would it be to build an automated coolroom for delivering cold cartons of beer?”

Me: “couldn’t be that hard, surely!”

“excellent, let’s build a miniature demonstration version to demonstrate the concept”

Me: “Sure let’s do it!”

Me the next day: “oh crap, what have I agreed to do!”

Anyway, 3 months later, here’s the design I came up with.


Retention mechanism

After weeks of painstaking research on ebay and hobby forums, I began to order the components. What you see below are the RC hobby sail winch servo’s, the Spectra fibre control line and the Pololu USB-servo control board.

2012-10-30 07.53.51

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